Certified Nerds is one of the fastest growing on-site Business IT services providers in Toronto. Certified Nerds offers businesses first call resolution to all their computer related issues. Furthermore, our services include execution of all IT deployment and update services. Our certified technicians and trainers provide excellent services backed up by years of experience and proven expertise in problem solving. We offer cost effective leading edge IT Services while making sure that the leave-behind is customer peace of mind.
Whatever type of IT services you need: call or email Certified Nerds and let us help you. Rest assured that your computer and your data are in safe hands as we work with utmost integrity and confidentiality to ensure data protection. Security is not only our expertise, it’s the importance we lay on everything we work with.


All our staff are highly trained A+ professionals who have industry experience in small startups to large Fortune 500 companies. All our staff understand that any type of IT service begins and ends with people. Outside of providing top notch technical skills, our company makes sure that our people services are beyond compare. Our staff can overcome any complex or stressful situation and will not sign off on completion until the end-user is satisfied.
Certified Nerds is the brainchild of Farhan Hafeez who is a seasoned professional of over 25 years and has worked for various multinational corporations including GE Capital Services. Farhan always understood that giving out efficient and customer friendly service; while ensuring integrity of data, high quality of services offered and timely response to critical issues was key to success. He believes that the efficient delivery of IT services affects a customer’s P&L and knows that a successful project leads to a customers success.

Let us be your experts and you can rest assured that your IT services are in good hands. Focus on your core and we will focus on ours. Call or email to see how we can help you.