The digital landscape faces one of the biggest threats: cyber attacks. With the passage of time, these attacks are increasing globally. Organizations worldwide seek help from cyber security companies for threat detection and response.

Between 2020 and 2021, there was a 50% rise in the frequency of cyberattacks on corporate networks, and 40% of small businesses that suffered a significant attack saw at least an 8-hour outage. Only 14% of small businesses have the necessary threat detection and response tools to protect themselves from the 43% of cyber attacks that target them.

That’s why threat detection and response (TDR) is important. It is an essential tool that examines user activity to detect threats. These threat detection tools help stop extremely evasive threats, contain security breaches, and enhance endpoint protection. A company can manage malware and other cyber threats by utilizing threat detection and response.

 Canada Cyber Security Response

The Canadian market is also not safe from cyber attacks. A major number of Canadian organizations’ cyber threat detection methods are insufficient. Based on the research, Canadian organizations require an average of 7.1 days to identify a cyber incident and 14.9 days to respond to it. It takes 25.6 days on average to recover from a cyber incident. It takes an organization 48 days on average to resolve a cyber incident.


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