Consultation Services

Let us understand your business needs and pain points. We will ensure that you are equipped with the latest and greatest technology that can keep you ahead of your competition and on your leading edge. Many of our consultation services include but are not limited to:

We can also project manage any of type of technical installation or deployment, be it with internal resources in your organization or external vendors. We’ll make sure that we provide Business Continuity Planning (BCP) / Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) as part of our service.

Wireless and Collaboration services consulting

Mobile devices and capabilities exist in and out of your physical office space. We’ll make sure you have the best saturated wireless network and collaboration tools needed for this Digital Age.

New or Improved Business setup

Are you working with the best network, applications and software tools to keep you ahead of your competition? If not, let us show you how you can reduce your costs and improve your productivity with zero downtime. Websites – we can do that for you too!!

Server Planning and Installation

We’ll help you decide if using one of the standard Cloud Services providers is your best option for your needs. If you decide to own and install your own servers, we can plan and execute on your server installation based on your specific requirements.