In a recent report, it has been seen that after every 39 seconds, there is a cyber attack. With businesses shifting to remote and employees working from home, the threat of cyber-attacks has increased. The weakest point in a company’s cyber security defenses is frequently its employees. They are more vulnerable to cyber attacks since they need to know the most recent threats or best practices for protecting sensitive data.

Therefore, giving your employees proper training and awareness about cyber security is necessary. In a report by Hornet security, 33% of companies are not offering any cyber security awareness training to their employees. In 2022, 95% of cyber attacks succeed because of careless or ignorant staff members. Staff and employees will know the best practices and guidelines to stop most attacks if they receive corporate cyber security training on time.

Importance of Cyber security Employee training and awareness program

Cyber criminals employ ransomware, malware, phishing, and social engineering as their primary tools to target unprotected employee accounts and weak points to gain access to vital company data. Your network security would only be meaningful if your employees have information about how to protect the system in such cases. In the Canadian market, cyber attack is also one of the major issues organizations face, leading them to Cyber security experts like Certified Nerds.

A data breach at the retail giant Target in 2013 resulted in the compromise of over 40 million customers’ financial and personal data. The breach was caused by a phishing email sent to a third-party vendor employee with access to Target’s network. It happened due to the negligence of an employee as they did not have cyber security training, which will lead to this data breach.

What Certified Nerds offer as your Ultimate trainer?

Highlighting the Dos and Don’t based on the IT guidelines and rules defined in your industry-specific compliance is the primary goal of the employee training program at Certified Nerds. Security defense is developed over time, not just one day or month.

Certified Nerds is a top provider of cyber security awareness training for businesses in Canada. Our highly qualified and experienced cyber security experts know the most recent cybe rsecurity threats. Many organizations are trusting us and our services and becoming a part of a safer world.

Enroll in our exclusive Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Employees in Canada and be a key player in creating a safer world.