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With the rise of AI and businesses shifting to a remote and hybrid world, cyber-attacks have become a common practice. 76% of global cyber security professionals agree that cyber attacks have increased due to employees working remotely. According to a report by Kaspersky Lab, more than 40% of companies lack sufficient cyber security.
In 2022, the number of data compromises in the United States stood at 1802 cases. Meanwhile, over 422 million individuals were affected in the same year by data compromises, including data breaches, leakage, and exposure. It has raised the concern of individuals and businesses and they are looking for ways to protect their data.
Penetration testing, along with ethical hacking is one of the cyber security best practices that help guarantee that IT environments are adequately secured and vulnerabilities are patched appropriately. It is a pre-planned Cyber attack on your company with the help of skilled hackers to perform thorough vulnerability analysis and uncover any potential weak points in your system.

Penetration Testing: Crucial Cyber Security Practice

Certified Nerds offers penetration testing services for your vital networks, web apps, and IT systems. Our tried-and-true process offers doable actions to guarantee the security of your IT infrastructure. At Certified Nerds we have a team of professionals that will perform Penetration testing on client networks. But here is the twice, our penetration testing package is an add-on service which comes with our Managed Cyber Security package. It mean you will get double security for your digital world.
The suggested ethical penetration testing methods will identify and count targets on the client network, try to leverage vulnerabilities on in-scope systems and web apps via the network to validate the effectiveness of current segmentation controls and create a report of findings with recommendations on how to improve overall security in your setting. OUR STRATEGIC APPROACH

Managed Penetration Testing Services

CN is going to perform penetration testing and external as well as internal vulnerability scans on the client network setting. Here are the stages covered to secure your network.

Stage 1: Discovery and planning

Stage 2: Scanning

Stage 3:Gaining access

Stage 4:Maintaining access

Stage 5:Analyze

Stage 6: Deliverable Penetration Testing Report

The suggested testing will find, list, and test known security flaws on target network assets using a safe, controlled, and non-destructive procedure.

Penetration testing is gaining so much traction that it is estimated that by 2025, it will be a $4.5 billion industry (Gartner). The compound annual growth rate for the penetration testing market size is expected to grow by 13.7 from 2022 to 2027. 41% of Canadian organizations planned to conduct penetration tests during 2020-2021 to eliminate cyber risks.

Be one of them. Secure your Digital Fortress today!